Hoon J. Lee: Theological Studies, Historical Theology, Church History.My area of study is religion and philosophy in the Enlightenment. I can never turn down a book on Johann Georg Hamann! I also enjoy the study of biblical interpretation throughout the history of Christianity.  Currently, I am Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University Northwest. I have a PhD in Historical Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In 2011, I was given the opportunity to spend the summer at the Herzog August Bibliothek, in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, as a Günther Findel-Stiftung Fellow. I have also served as an assistant pastor at Canaan Presbyterian Church (Glenview, Il) and an officer for Elijah Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports orphanages in southeast Asia. I am blessed to have a loving wife, who teaches in Chicago Public Schools, and the recent addition of our son. As a native Chicagoan, I spend my time exploring the various nooks and crannies and eating my way through the city.

Here are my blog posts.


  • The Biblical Accommodation Debate in Germany: Interpretation and the Enlightenment (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)


  • “Accommodation: Orthodox, Socinian, and Contemporary” Westminster Theological Journal 75, no. 2 (Fall 2013): 335-348.


  • “The Hiddenness of God: Revelation and Faith in the Thought of Johann Georg Hamann and Søren Kierkegaard,” Evangelical Theological Society Midwest Meeting 2017
  • “Love, Sex, and the Image of God: The Mystery of Marriage according to Johann Georg Hamann” Evangelical Theological Society Midwest Meeting 2015
  • “The Doctrine of Accommodation in Eighteenth–Century Exegesis: A Debate Concerning the Extent to which Jesus Accommodated in His Teaching Ministry” Evangelical Theological Society Midwest Meeting 2014
  • “Socrates, Enlightenment, and Metacriticism: Johann Georg Hamann on Kantian Reason,” Evangelical Theological Society Midwest Meeting 2013
  • “Accommodation Confused: How Accommodation Was Understood Throughout the History of the Church and Where It Has Gone Wrong Today,” Evangelical Theological Society National Meeting 2012

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Op-ed series, The Weekly Korea, 2003

Book Reviews  

I have written book reviews for Plurilogue, Reviews in Religion and Theology, Journal of Religious History, Journal of Theological Studies, Fides et Historia, Themelios, and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

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